have I thought all I’ll ever think
just re-thinking thoughts
I lost and find again in mind
reminded of my ever after
every craft devised I repeat
myself recycled means used
words I say repeated by line
and phrase and emphasis
I cannot seem to refrain
from self-plagiarizing
going back in time
from time to time
I read things I would write
in what I’ve written
and wonder how I knew
back then what I think now
precognition or purgatory
or all the same thing
inspired by aspiration
for a future other than aperture
rather cloture than closure
not ending but beginning
unseen and unheard
unspoken and new
in renewal of a vow
to live for real
in feral and vital
I demand it happen
conjured evocatively
by word and deed
before I’m dead
unlived and asleep
I wake me up
unfettered by fate