The Birth of Maat 8-8-8 at Sekhet-Maat on Aug 8th at 7:30pm

Some friends of mine are in a “ritualized dramedy” they created on Fri, Aug 8th 2008 at Sekhet-Maat Lodge at 7:30pm.

Maat is one of the oldest Egyptian deities, and embodies Truth, Balance, and most importantly, the concept of social structure and understanding.

This ritual will invoke Her along with many other spiritual traditions, as an interplay between truth and lies, order and chaos, harmony and cacophany, melding together to show the form and beyond the form of evolutionary consciousness. Song and instrumentation will assist us on this journey, so bring your voice and your dancing spirit. All guests are encouraged to bring whatever books they consider holy to rest upon the altar for the ritual. All books will be returned unharmed.

Please bring a tasty dish to share potluck style. A cash bar will be provided.

Doors open at 7:30pm, ritual begins promptly at 8:00pm. No late admittance.

We ask for a $5 contribution to assist with the maintenance of our Temple.

All spiritual traditions are welcome, so please come to see how the OTO can honor you as well.

The Birth of Maat - August 8, 2008 ev - Sekhet-Maat Lodge
The Birth of Maat: a ritualized dramedy
August 8, 2008 ev – Sekhet-Maat Lodge