ESOZONE on Oct 10th – 12th at Watershed

There’s a full weekend of magick and fringe science going on in Oct at ESOZONE:

Although ESOZONE : the other tomorrow takes place formally within the walls of The Watershed Building, it is an immersive experience that begins precisely the moment one decides to arrive there. It is itself a collage of happenings that cannot properly be recorded or spoken of, as it can only be experienced first hand and colored by individual experience. Esozone is what you, the participant, make of it.

The intent behind Esozone is to create a space for post-reality denizens to exchange ideas, play together, and indulge their senses. It is an attempt to bring esoteric subjects to new people, and bring esoteric people out of the woodwork. It is a place for new art to arise and creative catalysts to be unleashed.

On arrival, the event has already begun. It is already happening now in dreams and potentia, simmering until it comes to a full boil in the material realm. It continues when someone leaves the physical event to have a private romp with someone they never met. There is no substitute for being there.

Esozone is of both fiction and fact, while it is especially the space in between. You are invited.