Like a dead man walking seeking
redemption from virgin nuns
self-realization requires another
a project to reflect and reject
reflection in windows left open
rejection from phantoms left behind
but fuck the virgins and the nuns
what do they know of anything anyhow
open windows don’t reflect anything
takes a strong lock to block fenestrate
secure safety glass inside in and out out
that picture of dorian can really be ugly
old phantoms are behind the times
takes a strong stomach to regurgitate
swallow stones to grind those ghosts
perfect paste for feeding your young
that gag reflex can really be a bitch
the way out is the way down
only escape is by going all in
through the depths of hell
and out the other side again
but some things can never be unseen
so on a barbed hook you are caught
wriggling like a fish in distress
gasping for air and wishing for water
fearing fire and return to earth
this initiation is permanent