when the old writer got to the end of words
it wasn’t that there were no more words
there were more words than words to describe
an infinity plus or minus one is still infinity
but there are other orders of infinity greater
than the number of all possible words
and the words of all possible numbers
when those words conjugate together
their numbers multiply meaningfully
like souls that spring fourth from death
into a panalopy of neotenous progeny
once the flesh is forgotten youth returns
in the form of a crown of companion stars
constellation of scorpio serpent crown halo
as closely bound around as Orion’s belt
convenient place to place the sword
and weapons of spirit that remain within
funerary spells and charms wielded
by pronounced magickal power mouthed
open by forked serpent blade to pass breath
between loose dead lips spilling secrets
and sinking solar ships beneath the horizon
in an espionage war behind the sky
where the secret is that only sleepers
will be the final collateral casualties