The Tiptons Sax Quartet at Goodfoot on Aug 30th

For the love of all that’s holy go see The Tiptons Sax Quartet. This is a band that Amy Denio [also] is in and helped to found. The Tiptons will be at Goodfoot on Sat, Aug 30th.

I tell you, I was seriously depressed to hear that they were in town because I thought they were playing this saturday, and I couldn’t go. Now, I have a reprieve. If only it weren’t at the Goodfoot, which is smoke filled and made me ill last time I was there … but, perhaps, I must brave the venue to see Amy play again.

I freakin’ missed her set tonight at the Monsters of Accordian show, damn it all. How could they put Amy first? She’s a freakin’ genius and deserves accolades from hordes of adoring fans. It was good enough, of course, but I’m sad I wasn’t able to get there in time to see Amy play her set.

I mean, all due respect to the others, but … go to the show. You’ll see what I mean.

Update 24aug08 @ 8:37pm:

And, was that Fred Chalenor [also] that I saw talking with Amy Denio? It was a freakin’ Tone Dogs [also, et] reunion, even! So close to being in heaven, and not quite there yet.