this practice has purpose personal and practical
with consequences universal and magickal
or maybe consequences practical and universal
or maybe consequences personal and magickal
or … what difference when difference
doesn’t matter as above, so below
means doesn’t matter who’s on top
as below, so above doesn’t matter
ouroboros eats itself in the east
as I try to describe myself to myself
less obvious methods are available
but what fun is there in obviousness
when obfuscation is more entertaining
as long as it isn’t distracting
from the main law of attraction
(no, not that one in commercials)
the spark arcing up jacob’s ladder
of beautiful opposites in mystical union
I’m a mad scientist testing boundaries
crossing the streams ghostbuster-style
embodied enlightenment allows this answer
when asked by others expressing interest
“Why, yes, I am a god. Why do you ask?”