links for 2008-09-04

  • "The iphone photo-browser with multi-touch makes it a great document viewer."
  • "I don’t believe hate is the best way to motivate people to develop long-term solutions to problems. It is a tried and tested way to motivate them to short-term support of dangerous leaders. That much is certain. But if McCain and Palin are able to rouse the national hatred they will need to actually win this election, I fear they will have unleashed a force that they will be unable to control."
  • "But the Palin nomination is not basically about external realities and what Democrats call "issues," but about the symbolic mechanisms of the political mind-the worldviews, frames, metaphors, cultural narratives, and stereotypes. The Republicans can't win on realities. Her job is to speak the language of conservatism, activate the conservative view of the world, and use the advantages that conservatives have in dominating political discourse."
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  • "An arresting sight onstage – with her 18th century instrument, tangle of red dreadlocks and bank of blinking electronics – Zoë reproduces her music entirely live, her feet dancing over an array of pedals to record and control her live orchestrations."
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