face to face

look into your eyes
and fantasize
about simply touching
surprisingly nervous
will I be good enough
to bring any little bit
of sunshine and light
to the darkness
in either of us
beneath the surface
of the silence
and the sorrow
in our eyes
sharing something
of sadness and sin
they mean nothing
to us anymore
in this here and now
only truth in us both
tentatively touching
your hand with mine
wondering if this is
finally the right time
for becoming great
within and without
lion and serpent
salt and sulfur
rising mercury
winding back up
the lightning strike
recovering self
and remembering
sovereign souls
in fourfold furrows
planted in past
and growing
forward forever
can we forgive
for forgetting
for a while
what is real
not this mundane
matter illusion
but even more real
subtle and meaningful
than anything else
slipping fingers
through silken hair
waves of light
and thought
twisting braids
helical parade
of themes and theories
marching forward
toward amusements
lengths tangle
but tips fly away
to be free
slowly leaning in
for our first kiss
how could I have missed
this chance until now
to taste such sweetness
soft and silky lips
and yours aren’t
bad either
from lips I wander
first hint of kink
more to come later
but not quite yet
lick your neck
like tasting candy
after fasting for weeks
sweet slipping
through my veins
syrup of desire
singing things
sugar serenade
at vulgar samhain
harvesting hard
wrapped escape
and caramel
fingers on your
like rain at night
there and not
pressure to be sure
of myself
with confidence
and a firm hand
but softly dancing
tips tapping
meridian of suggestions
bright whispers
from hand to lips
and everywhere between
slowly stroking
along your arms
sure to touch
inside elbows
tracing invisible
visual poems
a type of tickle
that sends sparks
of light flashing
on every surface
and receding
fractals flowing
from here toward
infinite ceiling
promise ascendance
to undiscovered country
and sonnets revealed
and recited with resonance
contented sighs and hums
mums ums and flutters
eyelids and bitten lips
involuntary shudders
shaking chest breasts
tracing spirals
from nipples out
then back in
another tide of time
from waxing and waning
and full moon between
beating inside faster
blue and black heart
pentacles of iron
unlocked caged feral
feeling and freedom
breathing in and out
rising ribs ripple
sand dunes
washed by hot winds
taking time
to cross your desert
looking for an oasis
somewhere near
silky smooth skin
stomach and under
curves and waves
wine glass waist
this quest slowly
slips along hips
in foreign lands
learning the language
of our bodies
regional accent
rolls off the tongue
with trills and thrills
only as fluent
as our dialogue
is fluid exchanged
the climax of my descent
to drink elixir from your
blasphemous cup
mixture of dialects
speaking in tongues
poetry your moans
prose your gift
blood red mead
of inspiration
bringing fingers
to your music
playing within
muted but strong
reaching crescendo
of desperate desire
greedily grabbing
the goblet to drink
every last drop
only to fill it up
again and again
with sacred vowels
sung seven in one
descending dove
between your thighs
and rapid sighs
small bites and nibbles
along your skin
every inch
giving and taking
abundant pleasure
and just a little pain
in your labyrinth
I pattern dance
in and out
fast and slow
deep and shallow
holding hands
above our heads
lips touching
and teasing
cheek and neck
tongue and lip
legs entwined
like living vines
growing season
to fruition
pressing wine
from every grape
our bodies match
to and for
each other
delightful garden
at dawn and dusk
morning stars emerge
from our skin
escaping to the horizon
no constrictions
rules or regulations
between these stars
shining brightly
through the dark
like candles
in the windows
showing that
we’re full of holes
like christmas lights
fragile glass
surrounding fire
but this feast is for living
and after losing
track of all time
you’ve resurrected
my dying god
more times
than I can count
but what are numbers
anyway but an infinite
being incarnated
as some number
just for the joy of it
time to make peace
and let the angels
grace your response
freeing your voice
and vice
to rise from earth
to heaven as
takes you
to a place
where your dreams
come true
and I’ve another
sideways eight
to trace with
three in two
where two and nine
or five and six
meet twice to make
two in one
infinite grace
beautiful space
orbit sun
and after we recover
from annihilation
let’s do it all again