The NOTOCON VII Blog is now up!

Here’s something new today: the blog over at the NOTOCON VII site is now up with its first post. There’s a lot more planned over the next year, with lots of updates and interesting stories, so you might think about checking it every once in a while or adding it to your subscriptions: NOTOCON VII Blog.

In “Welcome to the NOTOCON Blog!“, Melissa, the onsite coordinator, says:

“It’s my wish for this blog to become a resource not only for the most timely updates about the conference, but also for insight into what it takes to put the conference together, memories of cons gone by, and tips for how to get the most out of your NOTOCON experience.”

And, that’s a great thing for those interested in not just updates, but also the shared history of O.T.O. and NOTOCON.

NOTOCON VII ~ Seattle, WA ~ Aug 7-9th, 2009
NOTOCON VII: the seventh biennial National Ordo Templi Orientis Conference
August 7-9th, 2009 EV ~ Seattle, WA