Get it back, Henry

Two weeks ago, Treasury Secretary Paulson bailed out American Insurance Group (AIG) with $85 billion dollars in taxpayer money. With this money, AIG executives headed out on a taxpayer funded junket to the St. Regis resort in California. While there, they had a blast at our expense.

Join me in sending this message to Secretary Paulson:

“The Director who authorized this junket should be fired and every penny spent on this lavish retreat must be returned to the Treasury.”

Darcy from TrueMajority wrote this:

“Our government needs to be involved in restoring the economy. We need an economic recovery package for Main Street instead of more giveaways to Secretary Paulson’s buddies on Wall Street.

These bailouts are the last money grab by the Bush Administration on their way out of office. It’s on us to provide oversight and make sure taxpayer money isn’t wasted.”

You can send this message yourself, or go to Take Action: