The Portland Cello Project at Someday on Oct 17th

A new e-mail and post from The Portland Cello Project offers a last minute announcement of a show at Someday as part of a Barack Obama benefit:

This Friday October 17 at The Someday Lounge, we’ll jump on stage for a 45 minute set at 9pm for their Barack Obama benefit. I think all the money goes to Ohio campaign funds or something.

We didn’t want to get political, but they asked us to play, and we polled ourselves, and every single member of the Portland Cello Project is voting for Barack Obama, so we figured… why not?

When cellists at the Oregon Symphony found out we were doing this, some of them asked to join us and we said… sure! As long as you don’t mind playing Toxic and Push-It with John Brophy and Ritchie Young (Loch Lomond) singing with us irreverently.