links for 2008-11-11

  • "Alas, by Aristotle’s definition, more and more people are abandoning their humanity every year."
  • "Not every viewer may have understood that this was the artist’s way of critiquing the macho narcotraficante culture of her native state, which has brought with it uncounted acts of violence, including hundreds of murders each year. But many did understand: people in Sinaloa know that los narcos actually wear those absurd boots—most fashionably made of ostrich leather—and in these hard times every day brings news of more lives they have shattered."
  • "Metatron informs R. Ishmael that he has a unique capacity for foreknowledge which enables him to behold 'deep secrets and wonderful mysteries. Before a man thinks in secret, I [Metatron] see his thought; before he acts, I see his act. There is nothing in heaven above or deep within the earth concealed from me.'"