Advanced Initiator Training 1 at Knight Templar on Mar 14-15, 2009

The new website for Advanced Initiator Training is up now, in advance of the event at Knights Templar Oasis in Salem, MA on Mar 14-15, 2009.

“Advanced Initiator Training is dedicated to providing active initiators with resources to grow in their skill, professionalism and education as initiators and to help active O.T.O. initiates increase their knowledge and skill in regards to our initiation rituals.”

Registration for AIT 1 is now also open for those that can attend.

The site design is supposed to look very much like the site for the Kaaba Colloquium: Thelemic Leadership Seminar, but this site is much less back-end heavy and has some other small changes.

Eventually, I hope to have cross-promotion between AIT, NOTOCON and maybe even Kaaba. These various O.T.O. events are all examples of a desire for excellence.