Dance the Snowpocalypso!

The cable went on the fritz twice in the last hour, both TV and Internet. So, I decided it was time to prepare the various candles I have around in case the power goes out too. Luckily I replenished some of my supply since the power down back in Olympia when my power went out for a week.

I bet tomorrow would be an awesome time to go cross-country skiing through town … or, maybe right now, actually.

Nothing quite like the day that Seattle completely shut down and my friend Scott, who was visiting and got stuck in town, and I went skating on our tennis shoes for over a mile down the middle of Broadway on Capitol Hill. We melted the treads off our shoes doing that, but it was totally worth it.

And, then we remembered that our old director from Lower Columbia College was visiting town too, so we snuck over to where his car was parked and made a snow phallus on the hood.

I suppose that finally gave away who was responsible for the huge ice phallus that was constructed in his drive way back in the day. When the morning arrived, the snow phallus has frozen solid and he ended up having to drive over his yard to get out … That huge phallus was made from mutilated snowmen. Another friend and I stalked the neighborhood looking for victims we could kidnap for material and transported the bodies on the hood of his car.

Ah, winter is fun!

I got to wear my wool soviet jacket and (fake) fur hat the other day. I got an average of one compliment a block I travelled. The street people were really complimentary, actually. But, people actually rolled down their car windows at intersections as I was walking by just to shout out, “Love your hat and jacket!”

Crazy thing wearing that costume is that I arrive dripping sweat and overheated. That freakin’ jacket weighs more than I do.

Back when I worked for the Russians in Seattle, I wore that costume to work one day. Their various reactions were quite interesting. One laughed. One seemed to have a little tear in his eye.

When I was walking around the other day wearing that I found myself thinking about all the Russians around the area. I wonder if, for the dear little babushkas and others, seeing Soviet-era costume is a little like a Nazi costume would be for European Jews? I started to feel a little self-conscious about wearing the costume, but the constant compliments made me feel a bit easier. (But, not totally …)

This post title is inspired by the various hilarious names that people have been giving to this winter storm and Amy Denio’s “Apocalypso” from Birthing Chair Blues. It’s the Snowpocalypse, the Snowmageddon Arctic Death Blast of the 2008 Snowlocaust … Let’s all dance the Snowpocalypso!

How do you say Global Climate Chaos? Welcome to the dress rehearsal!