Don’t judge. It’s cool. Okay?


“Enter Trock, or Timelord Rock. It’s all about Doctor Who, and it’s a lovely smashup of emo shoegazing and electronic zoom.”

Following the community model of Wrock, Time Lord Rock invites interested Who heads of all skill levels to form bands and write songs celebrating the various characters, elements and incarnations of the Doctor Who series. The project seems to be off to a good start, with some 28 video responses and nearly a thousand comments attached to the initial Trock announcement video in just under a week.”

“Welcome to the Trock forum ^_^”

Blink [also]

“Trock, or Time Lord Rock, is a new genre of music based on The popular (and awesome) TV series, Doctor Who. Similar to the Wrock (Wizard Rock) craze, stemming from the Harry Potter books, Trock is really any kind of music but with lyrics based on Dr Who rather than Harry Potter.”

KLF – Doctorin’ the Tardis (1988)

Update 9mar09 @ 7:45pm: rotersand EXTERMINATE