NOTOCON VII ~ speakers, presentations and registration is open

There’s a bunch new over at the site for NOTOCON VII today. I put up the speakers and presentations information. So, you can check out some of what’s going to happen over the conference. The formal schedule and vending aren’t up yet, so there’s more to come. But, there’s definitely several of the presentations I’m interested in, and a couple of those I won’t be able to go to … C’est la vie!

Also, even more importantly, registration is now open. There’s a couple of first-come, limited-capacity events that one can choose to attend as part of registration, but only one of them I can actually go to.

Still, it looks like there’s going to be quite a lot going on that will be interesting.

NOTOCON VII ~ Seattle, WA ~ Aug 7-9th, 2009
NOTOCON VII: the seventh biennial National Ordo Templi Orientis Conference
August 7-9th, 2009 EV ~ Seattle, WA

Update 1jan09 @ 11:49pm:

There’s a post now over at the official NOTOCON VII Blog about registration being open. I think there’s going to be something posted to the blog about the speakers and presentations soon also.