Your rebellious beard

Durga Slays Mahisha (from “Adhiparasakthi”) [via]

“Man can never do without symbols in these matters, and his progress herein consists simply in his rejecting one set of symbols to rely more and more upon another set, human language itself being nothing other than such a symbol.”

Enlighten Up! Trailer (Yoga Movie)

Devendra Banhart – Carmensita

“You have been self-initiated. Now you possess within you everything you need. With some milk, tea, sugar, spices and a little practical guidance, you’ll be ready to go.”

“The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables.”

Madlib – Beat Konducta in India

“… people want bigger and brighter idols and are no longer happy …”

“oh your red beard mischievous and rebellious i shave with a sword but it comes back”

“He is a queer being, with an eagle’s beak, a tiger’s clutches, a hyena’s teeth and a viper’s clothes. Take the Book away from him and tear his raiment off and pluck his beard and do whatever you wish unto him; then place in his hand one Denar, and he will forgive you smilingly.”

“During the Protestant Reformation rebellious priests wore beards, partly to advertise the end of their church-imposed celibacy …”

“Now I understand that my beard can’t be trained — it may just be unusually rebellious and recalcitrant.”