even if

Even if the symptom of Global Warming, or as I prefer Global Climate Chaos, were not caused by humans; it seems obvious that the goal of maintaining the window of conditions that are suitable to human and other-than-human life on the planet would be good to pursue. This is sustained, ongoing terra-forming of a sort.

Even if Global Warming, or Global Climate Chaos, were not true, though I think it rationally obvious; I would much rather subsidize the industry and ingenuity of those working toward that solution than to spend one dollar more in subsidizing the transnational industrial-military-prison-security complex. If I have to support the response to some imaginary problem, I’d prefer the imaginary problem solving that results in life and health than death and illness. (You know, this also goes for a preferring a stimulus package, even if of uncertain or imaginary efficaciousness, that sends money towards a decade of ignored infrastructure and services than one aimed at subsidizing bank bonuses and rewarding speculation.)

Even if some deadly poison’s effect were cyclical, one might not want to wait for the second cycle to seek an antidote. And, this is especially true when it’s not a poison but a plague, that with each cycle becomes increasingly vicious to the point of uncontrolled outbreak. The window of human sustaining environmental conditions is like a spinning top which having wobbled and fallen leaves no one left to spin it up again.

Even if those left behind after the plagues experienced a windfall of wealth and property, it should not be the goal of the theoretically insulated to induce more plagues. Creative destruction in ecology is even more painful than in the economy. The masque of the red death may not be so kind, for some odd and Lovecraftian value of kind, this time.