links for 2009-02-10

  • "We have travelled a total of 13 515kms around South Africa, in 1 year and 7 months. We have done so on bicycles, accompanied by a dog in a basket in front. We have also hiked the Drakensberg, Magaliesberg, Transkei Coastline, and canoed the Orange River. We left, in search of enlightenment, change and purpose, and found so much more. We continue along our journey, hoping to share what we have learnt."
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  • "a free way to make and host your own web mixtape"
  • "How did Darwin come to be so in advance of his time? Why were biologists so slow to understand that Darwin had provided the correct answer on so many central issues? Historians of science have noted several distinctive features of Darwin’s approach to science that, besides genius, help account for his insights. They also point to several nonscientific criteria that stood as mental blocks in the way of biologists’ accepting Darwin’s ideas."