stele of revealing 1

In the infinite curve above is a point of love
both are witness to this declaration

In a finer infinite of time
stands a man, dead but immortal,
in the holiest of holy places
he has taken the communion of the moon
and has been judged worthy
in view of the throne
this priest of the scorching sun
with offerings of bread, beer
and many meats from land and air
says to the
lord of power and dominion
the opener of
the veils of the sky

“O, holy one, may he be praised,
with power and dominion,
who rules the gods,
who shines forth
from his throne of horizon
make clear pathways beyond death
for my soul
for my spirit
for my shadow
I am initiated in the mysteries
so that I myself might shine forth
as one illuminated by truth
make clear a way for me
to the place
of creator and creation,
the noon and setting of the sun,
of becoming and rest,
the rising and distant resting place of the sun.”

“I am dead but immortal
when I can see the horizon
as a priest of the scorching sun
I have taken the communion of life
and have been judged worthy
I am from the fraternity
of those like myself
protectors and initiates
of and into the secrets
a child of midnight
the son of a woman
who knows the music sung
to the celestial sphere of the sun,
mistress of the universe.”

Says this man to his self,
“Oh, my heart, gift from my mother,
you faithfully kept me alive on the earth
so do not testify in the trial of my worth
now as a witness against me
do not fail that faith in me now
in the presence of the sun,
lord of the afterlife.
Although my body has descended
into the earth
and in death my real self
has become a star in the sky
may I be remembered and reborn.”

Those left behind remember and say,
“Oh, deliverer of those still alive under the sun,
definitely give the gift of resurrection
so this man, dead but immortal,
and who has taken the communion of life,
shall live under the warmth of the sun
to fulfill his true will while on the earth
with love and fear among the living again.”