Tweets for 2009-03-27

  • @ursonate vindication vindaloo! in reply to ursonate #
  • @tinotchka Congrats! in reply to tinotchka #
  • @davegray Wow. Pitch perfect! in reply to davegray #
  • Rick Steves is visiting place in Ireland on PBS that I’ve been too. So wild to see places I’ve been on TV … #
  • But, it’s pretty cool too to see places I’ve been and be able to say, “Whoa, cool, I’ve been there! And, there too! And there!” #
  • Only, now PBS is a Nova about arctic areas and Greenland … I flew over part of Greenland, saw some glaciers in the Alps … #
  • but, I never did manage to convince my family to take all our holiday money and travel to Antarctica one year … #