links for 2009-04-04

  • "'The darkness will never end,' he said. 'It will never end. You can never escape this place.'

    'I can,' I replied.

    All at once, I willed myself to rise. I sailed up through the tunnel of fire, higher and higher until I broke through to a white light. All darkness immediately vanished. My body felt light, at peace. I floated among a beautiful spread of colors and patterns. Slowly my ayahuasca vision faded. I returned to my body, to where I lay in the hut, insects calling from the jungle.

    'Welcome back,' the shaman said.

    The next morning, I discovered the impossible: The severe depression that had ruled my life since childhood had miraculously vanished."

  • "That’s our job–saving animals from death or further abuse, and certifying quality animal sanctuaries so the public will know which ones are truly worthy of support."
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  • "Tent cities have much in common with the squatter camps of the Great Depression, but to simply call them Hoover-villes is to ignore their complexity. To truly understand them, one must look at current trends in the developing world, where informal urbanism — a form of 'slum' development that takes place outside the conventions of city planning — is now the predominant mode of city-making.

    Informal urbanism, characterized by unauthorized land occupation, makeshift construction and a lack of public utilities, is how many burgeoning nations meet their housing needs. It thrives in places like Fresno, where poverty is endemic and there is a wide gap between rich and poor."

  • "onPoint Tactical offers professional certification in Scout, Tracker, and Wilderness Survival disciplines. Course topics include Urban Escape and Evasion, Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) training; Search & Rescue (SAR) tracking, primitive wilderness survival, winter survival, scout reconnaissance, animal trapping, booby traps, sniper fieldcraft, camouflage, off grid medical care, force protection, combat and pursuit tracking, counter and anti-tracking, animal tracking, hostile environment training, and land navigation."