Re: Thank you for sharing your views

After months, I received a reply to a message I sent to Sen. Merkley. Only, when I responded, the address from which “Sen. Merkley”‘s messages was sent apparently is not accepting e-mail:

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Yeah, so much for having a voice …

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the response. But, with all do respect, in regards to:

We must also take action to address the root cause of our financial crisis, the housing market

The housing market is a symptom of a much deeper issue that causes continued repeating cycles of boom-bust inherent in a financial system that rewards and encourages rampant speculation. We are addicted to finding the next Gold Rush, and until this fundamental issue is resolved in our financial system, regulatory structure and moreover our collective constitution as a people, we will continue to find our selves in such predicaments. Further, the very response to such a crisis should not, and to be truly a response to the core issue must not, reward those responsible for the crisis or to aid and abet the further concentration of wealth to those with institutionally and systemically unequal power in the market. Conditioning the market must be the duty of good government even if this means abrogating prior transactions or contracts.

I wish you well in the endeavour of remaining idealistic in the face of organizational, institutional, and systemic resistance to progressive ideals on this and other issues. For all our sakes, I hope you are able to do so as my governmental representative in the Senate.


John Griogair Bell