taking lines from nature and forming signs

taking lines from nature and forming signs
giving many meanings to make a witch’s ring
wealth worthy of kings to be shared with all
not greedily hoarded hidden in disused feast hall
noble lands descending generations sanguine
skill past from past to present hands by wielders
misty lands unknown by eyes but never forgotten
old grey wanderer giving gifts of
poetry and power, meaning and magic
prophesy and purpose, warning and wyrd
with anguish and wonder taken up
won them and given then away
one aett at a time cast all three
rist and rede, red and right
carved counsel carried closely
godly golden gift given
behold beautiful and good is true
believe true and meaningful is sacred
know therefore sacred is certainly real
speaking runes reveal secrets
opposites alight with fire and crusted ice
outside fractured inside and edges sharp
take them up today before the throne
be chased by yesterday and tomorrow
hunted by thought and memory
but receive from them in turn
permanent marks of meaning
for all to drink and all to think
all awake from sleeping soundly
renewed and refreshed
paid in full for service with hospitality
understanding the true test is to teach
now go pour the mead of inspiration
filling the goblet of life on this earth
rhymes of noble and valiant word and deed
riding forth in a gallop on aett hooves
drawing a chariot across time three times
through what was, what is, and what will be
bringing forward for all beings ever
the good, beautiful, true and meaningful
sacred gift taken, given and renewed