By-Ear Harmony Singing Class starting Jun 22nd in Portland

I took this a while ago and enjoyed it quite a lot. Here it is again, and this time you might enjoy it:

Leela’s [see,also,et] Famous By-Ear Harmony Singing Class
Mondays for 6 weeks beginning June 22: 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Fee: Sliding Scale — $90-$150 for the 6-week session.
Info/Register: contact Leela at [email protected] or 573-823-5650.

About the Class: With a patient, light-hearted approach, Leela will help you discover the power of voices raised in harmony. Through large and small group singing, we will practice the fundamentals of two-, three-, and four-part harmony using by-ear techniques. This class is all about singing . . . singing together, finding your voice, experiencing the power of voices raised in song together, listening, laughing, and generally having lots of fun. We will learn to understand harmonies and how they work by SINGING many different kinds of songs, from contemporary folk to old country. All abilities and experience levels are welcome. Come explore the possibilities!

Here is what a few former members of Leela’s By-Ear Harmony Singing classes have said: “I loved Leela’s harmony singing class! No matter how tired I was at the end of the day, it lifted me to go sit with a small group of strangers and sing! The friendly informal atmosphere and Leela’s teaching style made it a comfortable experience for everyone. It was marvelous to learn a different song each week and to find at the end of a class, I could sing not only the melody but the high harmony and low harmony–by heart. To be able to stand at the end of the night and make music, interchanging the parts–inspiring! ”

“The class was fun and it brought me joy to sing with others. I found a greater range in my voice and began to exercise it in a way I never have. Leela is a fabulous teacher! Even for a beginner like me, I felt I could sing with others and hold my own and I also had room to make mistakes and sing off key.”