it happens pretty frequently

“… it happens pretty frequently lately, and I am ashamed” [via]

This is a cautionary tale about saving your work.”

“Once you agree to be humiliated by doing what they want, you are defeated and it will change your whole spirit.”

“I still can’t believe I am this person. I don’t feel I can ever make up for this.”

“I think its only happened to me once or twice in my whole life.”

“i pretty much survive based on guesswork and experimenting

“I had always planned on compiling my one night stand stories into a book, but I needed a few more hump sessions to complete it”

“Yes, I am ashamed I never did it before.”

“… even though I’m not over everything that has come before, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t over.”

“I am ashamed to admit, I was too concerned with being cute.”

“I am ashamed to confess that I give in on a daily basis and let her watch …”

“Barack Obama ‘I inhaled frequently’ ‘That was the point‘”

“… watch out – hopefully it’s gonna happen soon …”

I’ve seen it happen both ways, that’s why I’m often hesitant …”

“… probably more frequently than would be considered healthy …”

“… I am not comfortable with the sterile and cold steel floor …”

“I have had this feeling lately that I have less and less in common with most people …”

“You’ll know what it’s for when it happens. That should about cover it.”