Circus Contraption is looking for 100 True Fans

Circus Contraption is looking for 100 True Fans to help them produce a CD of the music from their last and final show. And, you know, as a True Fan you help the world out with more good music and will get an Executive Producer credit in the liner notes!

The Circus Contraption Band has always been the fulcrum at the center of Circus Contraption. From accompanying physical performers, to creating instrumental music, to performing lyric-based songs, the Circus Band has, to a large degree, defined how people think of Circus Contraption.

With the newest show, The Show To End All Shows, being our last, we find one, final opportunity to share the band’s original music. One final chance to have this group of musical and lyrical talent together in a studio to document the sounds that have been, we hope, the occasional soundtrack to your lives. And now, we need your help.

The approximate cost to produce a CD of The Show To End All Shows is $10,000.00 — a small sum in contrast to the norm for CD production, but to us, quite formidable. In fact, if left solely to us, prohibitive. And that’s where you can champion our cause.

We are seeking 100 people to become “Executive Producers” on The Show To End All Shows CD. We seek a $100 investment from those 100 people to build the funds necessary to bring this CD recording to fruition. (To those who have already stepped up, THANK YOU!) In exchange, apart from our eternal gratitude and the knowledge that you facilitated making the CD happen, you will receive an “Executive Producer” credit on the CD and an autographed copy of the new disc, signed by the band. We will also host an exclusive CD release party and performance by the Circus Contraption Band, attended only by you and your fellow Executive Producers.

You can mail a check to Circus Contraption, c/o Sari Breznau, 115 Prefontaine Place S #303, Seattle WA 98104. Please write the words, “Band Recording” in the “For:” line. Or simply give a check to a circus member.

That’s it. That is our humble “pitch” to you, our friends. We hope that you will become part of the team that makes Circus Contraption’s final recording the best yet.