links for 2010-09-03

  • "I understand that this denunciation must be swift and unambiguous and that, in the absence of such denunciations made by and on behalf of every and all white male Baptists, others are entitled to assume that every white male Baptist is fully in agreement with the actions of Patrick Gray Sharp and to therefore deny white male Baptists the rights others enjoy."
  • "Composer Simon Boswell describes his score for 'HARDWARE' as if a Celtic Ry Cooder on acid had discovered God and decided to write opera.

    Simon has re-mixed the music score together with dialogue and bizarre audio effects to re-capture the atmosphere of the film.

    The album begins in the wind-swept deserts of post-nuclear America; a solitary slide guitar set against a moody orchestra is punctuated by MO's apocalyptic prophecy."

    (tags: cinema music)