the information being presented

The material represents a diversity of ideas spread across time, culture and tradition. It is better to present these ideas without hiding them in order to get a better understanding of them. Sometimes this better understanding means also taking into account cultural contexts of where and when and by whom these ideas appear.

So, it is possible to find something on my site which can offend just about anyone. However, I do endeavor to present information that we deem to have redeeming value within the overall theme of the site for the student or researcher. Which is to say that I do not present information with the intention to offend, but that some information I present as important within the scope of the site may offend some.

It can sometimes be hard for people to understand that presenting information does not imply advocacy for that idea. So, to be clear: the opinions and, yes, sometimes even the facts presented on the site do not necessarily represent the opinions of either myself or maybe even anyone but the original author. On the other hand, maybe it does. One of the purposes of the site is to advocate that the information I present is accessible, and to that end I try not to editorialize over or obscure the original information.

I read banned books. I believe in open access to information. I celebrate ideas, even those with which I disagree. I hope to challenge but it is not my aim to offend. Sometimes that just happens, and usually says more about the person that is offended than it does about the information being presented.