links for 2011-04-20

  • "Ever get the feeling you're living in the wrong time?"
  • "Under the guise of budget-balancing austerity, conservatives at the national and state levels are doing their best to dismantle America’s relatively weak social assistance and security policies. They continue to divide workers with issues like immigration and abortion. Now conservatives’ central project is attacking public workers’ living standards, their unions and their right to bargain collectively—and the public sector itself. This is simply the latest inning of a game plan played out over several decades to redistribute income and both political and economic power to the rich, starting with attacks on blacks and the poor."
  • ""We've been passing Family Circus books around my house and the office for years now because the strip lends itself to re-captioning," Garden explained. "But as the books have gotten more and more full, it seemed weird to just hold on to them. Then when Wisconsin Governor Walker started his naked grab for power at the expense of the middle class in my home state, I wanted to do something to help combat that. And as a comedy nerd, I would be thrilled to have this one-of-a-kind comedy artifact.""
  • "The world's first 3D scanner for iPhone is here. Instantly capture 3D models of yourself, friends, and family, and share the amazing results with the world."