links for 2011-09-04

  • "The essential point of this dissertation is to demonstrate that a crucial element of Plotinus’ thought— his conception of mystical union with the One— can no longer be understood solely within the conventional history of philosophy, or as the product of a unique, sui generis psychological propensity, but rather must be reconceptualized in the broader context of contemporaneous Sethian Gnostic thought and praxis. I conclude that Plotinus tacitly patterned his mystical ascent on the structure of ritual ascent that is first attested in Gnostic sources, including the Platonizing Sethian tractates Zostrianos (NHC VIII,1) and Allogenes (NHC XI,3) of which we have Coptic translations from Nag Hammadi and whose Greek Vorlagen were known to have been read in Plotinus’ school."
  • "A Catholic school student who identifies herself by the avatar name “Nekochan” started an unofficial library of banned books that she runs out of her locker at school. She began to lend books to her classmates when her school banned a long list of classic titles, including The Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost and Animal Farm."