Tweets for 2011-09-24

  • Thanks! RT @COACHELLAEVENTS #FF @jgbell @hermeticlibrary #
  • Whoa! That kind of behavior will get you kicked out of Denny's! That's livin' on the edge, man! #
  • @ensowinery I sense a disturbance in the force! in reply to ensowinery #
  • @ensowinery as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. in reply to ensowinery #
  • Sometimes I get the urge to sneak downstairs … Open the fridge … Grab one of my dad's beers … And drink half of it! #
  • Whoa! No, no thanks! I know my limit! #
  • For when Cavi just isn't good enough … #
  • Wow! RT @wesunruh: Scientists discover virus that kills all types of breast cancer ‘within seven days’ | The Raw Story #
  • Initial run of a few Xarc Design business cards ordered today! #