Tweets for 2012-02-09

  • @rstevens Ha! Yeah, hope you get your 666 pledges for $666, just because that's a whole lotta bacon! in reply to rstevens #
  • @thebkwyrm Oh, that's you? Cool beans. in reply to thebkwyrm #
  • @thebkwyrm Wow. That's, um, a pretty barebones site you've got there! But, nifty that you're doing it! in reply to thebkwyrm #
  • @thebkwyrm I agree it is great that it is at least there, and good on you for the whole thing, of course. ;) in reply to thebkwyrm #
  • The extended edition (w/ 2 extra hours) of the original Swedish version of Dragon Tattoo trilogy is available via Netflix. I recommend! #
  • By the by, don't, I say, don't watch Girl with a Dragon Tattoo followed by Let the Right One In and expect to sleep after. Free advice. #
  • Dark, snowy, creepy freakin dreams … And, worse, I don't understand what's being said because there's no subtitles … frustrating! #