Tweets for 2012-08-01

  • @chickgonebad Plus, that really can't be good for the screen and isn't there a risk of electrocution? in reply to chickgonebad #
  • @chickgonebad Spark of excitement indeed, but the smell of burning flesh and especially hair is horrible! Saliva might put it out though … in reply to chickgonebad #
  • WTF Facebook? Randomly changed the way things work again? #
  • Looks interesting: "The Appendix is a quarterly journal of experimental and narrative history" #
  • For me, not Olympics, but BBC, ITV, Netflix & more! RT @slashdot US Viewers Using Proxies To Watch BBC Olympic Coverage #
  • Encryption used to be baked into the Mail app, in the days of NeXT, didn't even need a bundle. Wish it still were. #
  • @jgbell I recall it was a hidden option, but the keys were managed via the system keychain tool, which is still darned useful on Mac OS X in reply to jgbell #