Tweets for 2012-08-04

  • Help Anna Fritz put awesome music on plastic discs b/c she starts recording day after tomorrow! #
  • "You have known me for a long time. This is my last visit." RT @brainpicker: Burroughs to Capote” #
  • I think I'm … going to go check out that new vegan, raw-food place … and not even to satisfy a dare or on a bet! #
  • Wellness Burger at The Green Boheme in Sacramento is vegan and both soy and gluten free, shown here with opt #
  • @sexualcabinetry it'd also be freakin' heavy, but maybe with thin enough gold it would should like a steel guitar before the foil crumpled in reply to sexualcabinetry #
  • @gleibinger good, but bohemian like the frugal gourmet was frugal, and not frugal either in reply to gleibinger #
  • @Sicktanick should assemble a misfit, mystic team for an impossible mission to break Pussy Riot outta prison. Then, a concert in Red Square! #
  • I'm afraid the prior deterrent effect of restraining the cat with harness & leash tied to a rock has turned into merely strength training #