Tweets for 2012-10-05

  • Wow! Brave New Voices Finals: Asheville Offering #
  • "But those rabid to look rich are locked in a symbiotic S&M death-grip with the vultures" #
  • "using ethnographic methods to study online virtual worlds, including both game and nongame environments" #
  • @davidbmetcalfe "Under the Welcome sign,
    Under the Rotary emblem,
    On the highway in the suburbs,
    His body lies under the hurling stones." in reply to davidbmetcalfe #
  • @SolidWasteThuCo Thought I would mention, since you recently added me to your "Thurston media" list, I'm not in the area anymore #
  • "an open confraternity: reinventing medieval models, we can reconfigure ourselves into a fully inclusive community" #