Summary for the month of Aug 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for August, 2017.

I’ve been able to start posting more regularly on the blog, with photos of cats and things, and with book and movie reviews. It was a long cold winter, but the cats and I all survived! Lately, it’s been a long hot summer, but luckily I had an AC in storage that I could install so the cats and I have been okay!

Over the last year, a local telco has installed fiber up the highway, and a DSLAM less than 100′ from where I am. So, I was able to get a land-based high speed Internet connection installed, and due to the short distance it’s pretty darned fast too! In a wild twist, AT&T also expanded 4G LTE coverage out here too. From being stuck with only satellite for the last year, suddenly I’ve got all kinds of options!

Unfortunately, the telco has a serious congestion problem on their network at a main interconnection point, so it’s less than ideal, and I don’t see nearly the performance I should. But, it’s not nothing! It works-ish!

The high speed has meant that I’ve been able to start doing online projects again, and have been active over on my geeky Rigaroga persona and the Odd Order blog. I’ve also started trying out a few things for Hermetic Library, like Reader’s Theatre and so forth.

Well, I’m still 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store, and only get to town every other month-ish lately, but I’ve got high speed Internet!

The cats have been going through more than 72 cans of cat food and well over 40 lbs of litter every two weeks, if you were wondering. It’s a lot! But, they’re all doing pretty good, even the house cats I moved inside before winter hit. The nine of us have been getting along with only an occasional kerfuffle over elbowroom or places to sleep.

Anyhow, I thought I’d start doing these monthly summaries, in part so I could post them to my Patreon.

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