Summary for the month of Sept 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for September, 2017.

The cats and I are starting to feel the cold. We’re cuddling up and getting ready for more.

I’ve been adding some new litter boxes for the cats which don’t use dusty clay, and it’s been going okay so far. It’ll be a long process, but I’m really hoping to reduce the amount of heavy clay waste as well as the dusty clay in the air. With the windows just getting closed against the coming cold, it’s even better to have less dust in the air!

Over on Odd Order and Hermetic Library, the deadlines for submissions to the 2017 anthologies just past, so I’m working on getting submissions and playlists sorted for release.

I’ve been posting videos and streaming over on Odd Order as Rigaroga a bunch now with since that better Internet was installed. It’s been great to be able to get back to it. Also, I’ve been doing a series of solo RPG sessions. I’d really like to get into a weekly game or two with others, but I’ll keep doing solo sessions either way, I think.

I’ve also been trying to get a regular schedule for posting book reviews going, and that’s been working out so far. I’ve been posting them to my personal blog, but also over on GoodReads. Then, I syndicate those out to the blogs for Hermetic Library and Odd Order as well. You can see a bunch in this summary already, along with pictures of cats and food, and some other asides.

Well, it’s been a busy month, with getting ready for winter in real life as well as with activity online!

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