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I’m not sure but it’s most certainly earlier that I started being interested in etymology, but I definitely recall the effect of my meager semester of Latin from freshman year of high school. I know without a doubt that I got a couple extra answers correct on my S.A.T. because of that class. I find… Continue reading Therioi

Tweets for 2009-06-26

My neighbors are caterwauling and trying to scare away a raccoon … # Fireworks already? # (Er, the fireworks were not an escalation of the caterwauling, but some other neighbor having a little problem with delayed gratification.) # So, Crowley explicitly linked Aiwass to Melek Taus … http://tinyurl.com/mcanmd # And, by that correspondence, Melek Taus… Continue reading Tweets for 2009-06-26

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