The Astronaut and the Quarter

At some point in the 80s, I was somewhere in Florida, and a dude gave me a quarter to play a Lunar Lander arcade game …

I was in Florida to watch a space shuttle launch. We’d stopped at some gas station and in the mini shop there was an actual Lunar Lander arcade cabinet.

I totally pretended everything was fine (I was trying to impress a girl there) as I completely botched my landing, and crashed.

This guy tried to warn me I was coming in too fast. Well, he would know because he turned out to be an actual astronaut.

He asked me if I recognized him, and I had to admit that I did not. I apologized. He said that he probably wouldn’t remember him either, though he was one of the few who went to the moon. Even now, I cannot for the life of me remember which astronaut this was that I met that day.

Not my finest day in the space program, I can tell you with certainty.

When I admitted to the guy he was right, but I was trying to cover because of the girl there, he seemed very understanding even though I just killed myself and some of his friends by slamming into the surface of the moon.

But, not understanding enough to give me another quarter, darn it.


Oh, wow, information…information…information! just released by Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling is the The Complete Prisoner Recordings so far in one go, and at name your own price prices! Great way for people to pick up everything in the sequence of tracks inspired by The Prisoner all at once.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling at The Prisoner Con 2017, 30 Sept, in Seattle

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling will be performing at The Prisoner Con 2017, 30 Sept, in Seattle at the Broadway Performance Hall.

Sophia Cacciola & Michael Epstein

Musicians and Movie Makers–to name only a fraction of their creative catalog–Sophia and Michael have given fans a parallax soundtrack to each episode of The Prisoner through their music and videos as, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.

This tour-de-force duo have produced a brilliant collection of amazing albums that both embrace and enhance the visionary art of The Prisoner.

Sophia and Michael will enrapture us with musical performances and screenings of their videos throughout The Prisoner Con 2017.

“You can make the argument that we are living in Peak Asshole”

This Stanford Professor Has a Theory on Why 2017 Is Filled With Jerks—Jessica Pressler; talking with Robert I Sutton about his books The No Asshole Rule and The Asshole Survival Guide.

“You can make the argument that we are living in Peak Asshole,” says Robert Sutton, a Stanford professor who, as the author of the iconic 2007 book The No Asshole Rule, is perhaps the world’s leading expert on the species. According to Sutton, the problem of “disrespectful, demeaning, and downright mean-spirited behavior” is “worse than ever,” which, while it may be bad news for humanity, is good news for The Asshole Survival Guide, the book Sutton came to New York to promote. And he has a point, citing the recent “fiascoes” at Uber and Fox News as examples of “assholes running wild.” Then, of course, there’s “the degeneration of American political discourse,” as Sutton delicately puts it. We are sitting, on a Monday afternoon in mid-September, in what may arguably be the red-hot center of an Asshole Heat Map, if one existed: the pink, veined lobby at the base of the colossal penis that is Trump Tower.

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