Oh, wow, information…information…information! just released by Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling is the The Complete Prisoner Recordings so far in one go, and at name your own price prices! Great way for people to pick up everything in the sequence of tracks inspired by The Prisoner all at once.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling at The Prisoner Con 2017, 30 Sept, in Seattle

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling will be performing at The Prisoner Con 2017, 30 Sept, in Seattle at the Broadway Performance Hall.

Sophia Cacciola & Michael Epstein

Musicians and Movie Makers–to name only a fraction of their creative catalog–Sophia and Michael have given fans a parallax soundtrack to each episode of The Prisoner through their music and videos as, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.

This tour-de-force duo have produced a brilliant collection of amazing albums that both embrace and enhance the visionary art of The Prisoner.

Sophia and Michael will enrapture us with musical performances and screenings of their videos throughout The Prisoner Con 2017.

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  • "Winstanley is a truly amazing and painstaking account of misery, as it depicts those whose cause is righteous and nonviolent. Winstanley evokes the civil war mood of the mid 1600s – where Cromwell's parliamentary forces defeat and behead the king to only find that there is a second bloody civil war where the levellers, those who wanted a share in the land, are crushed by Cromwell, thereby ending a shortlived optimism that things for the poor will change for the better. The narrative is taken from the pamphlet writings of Gerrard Winstanley a gentle, Christian radical. He sort of resembles a hippie of the 1970s. The film is based on the book by David Caute, "Comrade Jacob," but has been thoroughly reworked by co-directors Brownlow and Mollo."
  • "What's a commune? We use the Wikipedia definition: A commune is simply “a community that shares resources.” You can start one today, right where you are (in your apartment building, dorm, office or cul-de-sac). Use the resource-sharing tools below, or come up with your own. Keep us posted and we'll share your ideas and stories on the blog. All together now…"

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  • "The one coffee-making activity I've always avoided, though, was roasting coffee. I assumed that coffee roasting required large, expensive machinery and considerable training. But a few weeks ago, I heard about a way to roast coffee using a hot air popcorn popper. I gave it a try and found out it was fun and very easy. It takes less than 15 minutes to roast a small batch."

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  • "The essential point of this dissertation is to demonstrate that a crucial element of Plotinus’ thought— his conception of mystical union with the One— can no longer be understood solely within the conventional history of philosophy, or as the product of a unique, sui generis psychological propensity, but rather must be reconceptualized in the broader context of contemporaneous Sethian Gnostic thought and praxis. I conclude that Plotinus tacitly patterned his mystical ascent on the structure of ritual ascent that is first attested in Gnostic sources, including the Platonizing Sethian tractates Zostrianos (NHC VIII,1) and Allogenes (NHC XI,3) of which we have Coptic translations from Nag Hammadi and whose Greek Vorlagen were known to have been read in Plotinus’ school."
  • "A Catholic school student who identifies herself by the avatar name “Nekochan” started an unofficial library of banned books that she runs out of her locker at school. She began to lend books to her classmates when her school banned a long list of classic titles, including The Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost and Animal Farm."

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  • "It was the summer of '97 and I was a college kid working part time as a programmer at an ad agency. I wrote a simple CMS: practically my first perl program (I was so happy to not have to write in anything Microsoft!). I got an old DEC Alpha Multia in exchange for some freelance Java work. I stuffed it under my desk at work and registered the domain name in October. Jeff "Hemos" Bates chipped in on the registration fee. Within months we were serving thousands of people per day on a system that looked remarkably similar to the Slashdot you see today. It was simple: I just was sharing stories that I stumbled on with a small group of friends."

    "Slashdot has been read by kernel engineers and billionaires. By sys-admins and CEOs. By high school kids and government bureaucrats. But what brings so many of them together is that we are nerds."

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  • "Tori Amos: You cry during sex and get real quiet after."

    "Peaches: If you're not getting a handjob under the table right now, it's because you're giving one."

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  • " is the result of an exploratory project intended to help you find new books by comparing the content of the books themselves, similar to the way that matches music lovers to new music. We're attempting to help you find books with similar themes and writing style to books you've enjoyed in the past – comparing elements like Description, Pacing, Density, Perspective, and Dialog – while at the same time allowing you to specify details like… more Medieval Weapons."

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  • "President Obama has been criticized by both left and right for poor communication. That may be true, but the fault lies less with the president than with his adversaries, in particular the members of the Tea Party, many of whom demonstrate contempt not only for the concrete requirements of a social species (like government), but for a more abstract intrinsic human need: language."

    "you can't (no matter how godly, or how powerful, you are) unilaterally decide what words mean. Humpty Dumpty was a big egg perched precariously on a high narrow wall. His need to make English work his way arose from fear about his future. But manipulating language could not save him from his fate."