imaginary oxymoron

The thing is that no market is free. All transactions are conditioned by who has power at the table. Therefore, all markets, being places where transactions take place are subject to those with power; further, the market as a collective entity is conditioned by larger systems of power which govern the collection of transaction sub-systems.… Continue reading imaginary oxymoron

even if

Even if the symptom of Global Warming, or as I prefer Global Climate Chaos, were not caused by humans; it seems obvious that the goal of maintaining the window of conditions that are suitable to human and other-than-human life on the planet would be good to pursue. This is sustained, ongoing terra-forming of a sort.… Continue reading even if


Power that is neither used nor delegated is a kidney stone that will be painful until either dissolved or passed.

Below the belt

Given that I’m dealing with a breakup, all these spam about penile enhancement is like being hit repeatedly below the belt. Talk about hitting a guy when he’s down …

The usual

Seems to me: They used to call it usury, now they call it business as usual.


Following on the march of POTUS and VPOTUS into conversations, no doubt from West Wing being on the air, and as a contender against SCOTUS, comes SECDEF. It seems to me, all of a sudden, everyone is useing SECDEF or Sec. Def. when referring to the Secretary of Defense. With Rumsfeld’s resignation and Gates as… Continue reading SECDEF

Anti-Globalization is not anti-globalization

Anti-Globalization movement is to supporters of Globalization what anti-federalists were to the federalists. Which is a s much to say that things are not what they seem. The anti-Globalization movement is one which is a populist opposition to supporters of Globalization. This is much the same as the anti-federalists were a populist opposition to the… Continue reading Anti-Globalization is not anti-globalization


Today, I realized, as I turned on the TV and found myself seeing a fight on Jerry Springer, that while fights on that show have me in a state of despair for humanity; I don’t seem to have the same reaction to hockey that breaks out at during a fight at the ice rink.


When someone says that something is near the table, I tend not to think to look near the couch. And, when someone says to look in the green box, I tend not to think they mean the clear plastic box with the blue top. It’s a strange thing to have to implement a complex grid… Continue reading Untitled


I would drink an unhealthy amount of Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew, if I had a large enough supply.