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  • Wow! Brave New Voices Finals: Asheville Offering #
  • "But those rabid to look rich are locked in a symbiotic S&M death-grip with the vultures" #
  • "using ethnographic methods to study online virtual worlds, including both game and nongame environments" #
  • @davidbmetcalfe "Under the Welcome sign,
    Under the Rotary emblem,
    On the highway in the suburbs,
    His body lies under the hurling stones." in reply to davidbmetcalfe #
  • @SolidWasteThuCo Thought I would mention, since you recently added me to your "Thurston media" list, I'm not in the area anymore #
  • "an open confraternity: reinventing medieval models, we can reconfigure ourselves into a fully inclusive community" #

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  • "No, my only books are Sade's diaries and the Bible, and I haven't read the Bible." #
  • Adventure Time Fans Produce Real ‘Card Wars’ Game #
  • "Don't be scared, my pretty Ninon. It's Bastille Day and no one's beheading you." #
  • @netflix Hey, wish your "continue playing?" dialog popped up between shows instead of during them. Why not interrupt auto play timer? #
  • Satanic panic as transitional placeholder end-times enemy between Soviets and Islam #
  • "There's going to be a little party over at Billy's tonight. Food, fun, and a little ritual." #
  • @jgbell Yeah, actually I've gotten invitations just like that. in reply to jgbell #
  • "important to engage in real scholarly dialogue to bring in voices from all sides and to think through the questions" #
  • "The Weather Channel has decided to name winter storms, and the choices are sometimes hilarious." #
  • "Kittens on a blanket" is not a breakfast food, but it should be #
  • A veritable spiderweb of scratches on my feet and hands from the swarm of kittens attempting to take me down. Mom cat hoved smugly nearby … #
  • "And that's how you get ants!" #

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  • Kittens were relocated last night to an undisclosed secret base #
  • "The books are filled with names of kings.
    Was it the kings who hauled the craggy blocks of stone?" #
  • Gina Carano's striking debut and a stellar cast in trailer for Soderbergh's Haywire #
  • "if this is the case it could go a long way toward explaining why magick remains such a fringe pursuit" #

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  • "That was an extremely interesting point you made back there, but I need you to pull back. You're freaking out the other students." #
  • "Yes, well, we couldn't want my learning to get in the way of others feeling comfortable, would we?" #
  • "Oh, we've always done it that way. I can't POSSIBLY imagine things differently." "I'm curiously uncompelled by your lack of imagination." #
  • "Every one of us is either a Chaos Muppet or an Order Muppet" #
  • "the key … lies in carefully calibrating the ratio of Chaos Muppets to Order Muppets within any closed system." #
  • "Economy of scale is a myth. Economy comes from flow." #
  • Snuggle bumps #
  • Seriously. Praying mantis attacked me. Attacked, I say. Then, like a ninja disappeared before I could get a picture. Spooky! #
  • Ninja! #
  • @anthony_HW Understandable mistake. Kittens are like the stem cells of porn. in reply to anthony_HW #
  • Super Best Friends Forever #
  • "No, I'm Superman, and you'll do what I say. ::wedgie:: MOM!!!!" #
  • Teen Titanic #

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  • @Quadrivii The obvious Celtic deity for that would be Brigid. If you go a bit further a field, you could consider Greek Panacea and Iaso. in reply to Quadrivii #
  • @ELNIGMA Not quite my cup o' tradition, but maybe if one imagines St Jude as portrayed by Billy Crystal's Miracle Max … @quadrivii in reply to ELNIGMA #
  • Good round up of the story so far on the so-called "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" fragment #
  • Even if Jesus' Wife fragment turns out fake, I suggest at least April DeConick's Who's afraid of the married Jesus? #
  • "Well, there's so much to discover. Think how much wiser we'll be by the end of all this." #
  • Call of Cthulhu – The Musical (webcomic) #
  • "Have you eaten the Grapefruit of Wisdom as I expressly forbade?" #
  • "chance, which, with error, its brother, and folly, its aunt, and malice, its grandmother, rules in this world" #
  • "I love thee, holy ox; into my heart thou pourest gently a feeling of vigour and peace" #
  • "Let a thousand Jon Stewarts bloom." #
  • Alan Moore's collected issues of Saga of the Swamp Thing is going to be available via Kindle with Book 1 out Oct 2nd #
  • "not a whimsical, style-driven fancy, but a militant action … determined to overthrow the prevailing fashion" #
  • J K Rowling's non-Potter book "The Casual Vacancy" is due Sep 27th #
  • "But I lie there and I am like, has all that just really happened? Or did I just imagine it?" #
  • "those who identified as liberals recalled more dreams (including nightmares) than conservatives" #
  • "Once again, I welcome everyone back to the point I made some time ago." #
  • "You have to come up with your own answers. Except that one. No, that one is wrong." #

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  • @qikipedia QI XL "J" was super funny, one of the best episodes I've seen yet in reply to qikipedia #
  • "Now I have a dead song in my heart, and pretty soon the corpse of my dead heart song is going to start to smell." #
  • "The premise is nowhere explicitly stated in the show, but can be deduced. Clearly, the Teletubbies are cyborgs." #
  • "The face in the sun becomes, I suppose, the manifestation of the central machine intelligence that regulates and maintains the world." #
  • "a 2,000-plus-year-old Roman amphitheatre, was transformed into the greatest outdoor hockey venue we've ever seen" #
  • "… a blistering sense of personal inferiority that is indistinguishable from common sociopathy." #
  • The Super Mario Möbius Strip #
  • "this presumably bored sports journalist actually references Vipassana meditation and the f*king Book of the Law" #
  • "they think they're entitled to not become food" #
  • "The earth, which once fed you, will now eat you." Mystery Religions and Early Christianity #
  • "let's keep in mind that we actually already have a text that mentions Jesus' wife" #
  • "When did bare breasts become taboo in Western civilization?

    Probably around 3,000 years ago." #

  • "Let any man procure as much pleasure as he can as he lives his daily life; but the morrow comes ever blind." #
  • "So How Do You Say Thelema, Anyway?" (Follow up on how to say Magick in 3 … 2 … 1 …) #
  • @sarahveale Ha! Yes, can't seem to stutter, after all. in reply to sarahveale #
  • Secondcraft Minelife #
  • "Twitter users should be able to download their entire archive of tweets by year's end" #
  • "This attempt to prevent voter fraud is itself the only voter fraud taking place." – Sarah Silverman #
  • "a fish tank, surrounded by cameras, that translates a fish’s movements into a 3-D printed sculpture" #
  • Holy crap! It's the Neural Neutralizer from Tantalus Penal Colony! & compare #
  • Listening to The Prophet soundtrack by Gary Tarn #

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  • @thebkwyrm Huh. Where do the bad kids shop for clothes then? Hot Topic, or something? in reply to thebkwyrm #
  • Had the thought Twitter and texting making us all write like Rorschach. Must investigate further. #
  • Colony collapse partially linked to pesticides, with a bonus mention of Rudolf Steiner and biodynamics for context #
  • "no such entity as a British Army. What you find is a confederation of regiments, hopefully fighting on the same side" #
  • @DanaDanger Dana's Demon is the Internet koan where one contemplates nothingness and realizes everything is terrible? This week, anyway. in reply to DanaDanger #
  • "including a passionate affinity with goats" – regiment has a unique insignia of "Goat Major" who tends regimental goat Gwilym Jenkins #
  • "You haven't really joined the regiment at all until you've eaten a raw leek at the statutory speed." #
  • "We change if we believe there is necessary change, but they are the things that we value and we retain. We do believe in the way we live." #
  • "Why was the March Hare so important to the Aztecs?" "Did they worship it?" "Worship it! Worship it!" #
  • "There were 23 ejaculations in the canon." Sherlock Holmes, people! Dirty minds … Sheesh! #
  • Motel double-billed me. Seems I got a peek at the "secret" rate they get paid by the travel website that they aren't suppose to disclose. #
  • "53% of participants argued unequivocally for the opposite of their original attitude" #
  • @rstevens @scalzi I'm not going to #frostthescalzi that's going to be quite a #baconchallenge in reply to rstevens #
  • "half of the participants did not detect the changes, and 69% accepted at least one of the altered statements" #
  • Ugh. In the last week or so, all the tools I use to crosspost between social media have gone significantly wonky in one way or another. #