Serenity papercraft model

Following on earlier papercraft posts, here’s a paper model of Serenity the ship from Firefly and Serenity. Pretty amazing looking – even has a shuttle taking off. Update: looks like the site got too popular. however, there appears to be another papercraft model of Serenity available at Paperworlds.

Whitewash City

Last night, I ran across this papercraft model of a wild west city, which can be used for multiple games. Whitewash City looks pretty wild, and sounds interesting. There is a game by the maker of the model city called Gold Town which is a non-violent game set in the wild west. Looking at this,… Continue reading Whitewash City

Gypsy Moon and Amy Brown

These are some great costume sites, with a sub site based on Amy Brown faery illustrations: Gypsy Moon and, Amy Brown Faery Wear.