Third Time is the Charm

I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut, but I can no longer let certain things go by without comment. I am quite sure I will offend some of the True Faithful, but that cannot be helped. I am here today to speak aloud these words: J K Rowling is wrong. In fact, not only is… Continue reading Third Time is the Charm

Smaller Than The Largest Dwarf

On the National Geographic website, there’s an article about poor Pluto being found less rotund than Eris: “The beleaguered former planet has been dwarfed again by a new study that finds its neighbor Eris is significantly bigger. That makes Eris—formerly known as 2003 UB313 and then Xena—the largest so-called dwarf planet in the solar system.”… Continue reading Smaller Than The Largest Dwarf

Hide the dynamite!

Via Fark, “The Sun Online – News: Giant owl attacks drinkers” A GIANT owl that devours foxes and small deer is terrorising shoppers and drinkers in a town centre. It launches itself off high roofs and swoops on passers-by with talons outstretched. Late-night shoppers and revellers even take taxis to avoid falling “prey” to the… Continue reading Hide the dynamite!

What is up with Zune graphics, anyway?

So, apparently, I ‘m not the only one to notice there’s something strange about the graphics that are being used with the Zune, because Boing Boing notices some installer zen, and some other reader’s comment is linked wondering about the very same porno image I posted about earlier. I know that crappy ads stick in… Continue reading What is up with Zune graphics, anyway?

Rube Goldberg’s criminal sparrow

Via – Prosecution sought in death of domino-toppling sparrow: AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch animal protection agency demanded prosecution Tuesday for the shooting of a sparrow that knocked over 23,000 dominoes during an attempt to set a world record. The ill-fated bird flew into an exposition center Monday in the northern city of… Continue reading Rube Goldberg’s criminal sparrow