Zombie Fluxx

It’s official! There’s a new member of the Fluxx family of card games: Zombie Fluxx. Via The Wunderland Weekly News for 4/26/7: “Yes, it’s Fluxx… with Zombies! The newest Fluxx features a new type of card: The Creeper. It’s like a Keeper you don’t want but must play anyway, and it usually stops you from… Continue reading Zombie Fluxx

Hide the dynamite!

Via Fark, “The Sun Online – News: Giant owl attacks drinkers” A GIANT owl that devours foxes and small deer is terrorising shoppers and drinkers in a town centre. It launches itself off high roofs and swoops on passers-by with talons outstretched. Late-night shoppers and revellers even take taxis to avoid falling “prey” to the… Continue reading Hide the dynamite!


“In theory, to adjust their reproduction to the season’s food supply, squirrels would have to know in advance of the amount of seeds that would be produced. Apparently, they do.” I think the squirrels are being tipped off by the Octopi, evil alien intelligences behind the Goat-Squirrel-Mollusk conspiracy. Just another sign of the coming end… Continue reading Squ-oracles

And, so it begins …

Terrorist Squirrel Causes Chaos in Colorado – Wonkette I can’t quite understand why so much attention is being paid to the Democratic takeover. It’s the squirrels, I tell you! The squirrels are not what they seem. This could be the sign they have finally decided to take control away from us and consign the human… Continue reading And, so it begins …

Is that you, Enkidu?

Via The Sun Online – News: Chunky gibbon was 10ft : “FOSSILS have been found that prove this 10ft tall ape once lived alongside early humans.”

You don’t take me seriously …

… but you should. Beware the squirrels. I mean it this time. “The findings, published recently in the journal Animal Behavior, present some of the most detailed information to date on squirrel vocalizations, which the researchers now believe constitute a complex language that is unique to the animals.” At http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20051107/squirrelspeak_ani.html