Holstic Design with Dr. Love at Schnitzer on Jan 15th at 7pm

Yeah, that’s not a porno, you perv. Holistic Design with Dr. Terence Love Professor of Architecture, Design and Engineering, Curtin University “Holistic design depends on the material opportunities but even more on our inner subjective, emotional life.” 7 pm, Thursday January 15th, 2009 This is part of the Linus- Pauling Memorial Lectures 2008-2009 Science, Techonology… Continue reading Holstic Design with Dr. Love at Schnitzer on Jan 15th at 7pm

Funny money

Via Media Bloggers Association‘s aggregator, “More on the Pizza for Pesos Scandal“: And the Republic is still standing. Indeed. Up here at this end of the woods, I remember a time when most places actually accepted Canadian coin, and I remember that was quite convenient. Now days, I still get slipped Canadian coin every once… Continue reading Funny money

People can’t remember URLs

Via an interesting article that reminds us all that “most searched” lists are PR driven, not data driven, “Business 2.0 BETA blog network” is this comment: “They’re using search engines as navigation, typing website names or even URLs into the search box that automatically pops up in their browser.” It’s a funny thing to me… Continue reading People can’t remember URLs

Where to keep movies? Everywhere, of course.

I don’t know who asked, “If you had everything, where would you put it?” However, my answer has always been, “Everywhere, of course.” So, almost under the radar, I find that iPhoto version 5 imports movies. I assume version 6 does also. Also, iTunes holds movies. And, there’s a movies folder which is where neither… Continue reading Where to keep movies? Everywhere, of course.

What is information design?

Via Communication Nation, “What is information design?“: “There are as many definitions of information design as there are information designers. Some think it’s the presentation of complex or potentially confusing information. Others see it as a method to visualize quantitative data. In the end it comes down to how you define information and what you… Continue reading What is information design?

the throw-away minimal-use trash heap – new and improved!

Via Communication Nation, “Are you sick of hearing about it?“: “The very notion that you can slap a brand on nearly anything and that will change it for the better seems ludicrous. How’s this for a notion: Make better products!” David Gray, over at XPLANE, wrote today that he’s tired of hearing about re-branding and… Continue reading the throw-away minimal-use trash heap – new and improved!