The antagonist as a limitation to dialogue

Some things just seem to keep coming around; like a bad penny. I’m not entirely sure when I first ran into the book “Antagonists in the Church“, by Kenneth Haugk, but I do know where. It must have been some time close to 1995 when Isaac Bonewits posted “Dealing with Religious Jerks“. I read this… Continue reading The antagonist as a limitation to dialogue

Fragments of Dialogue

In the last day or so, I’ve put up on my unbook site the first few fragments in a collection of further thoughts about dialogue not included in my Master’s Thesis, “The Fifth Principle of Dialogue”. I’ve called this collection “Fragments of Dialogue” and will be recovering sections that were cut out of my thesis,… Continue reading Fragments of Dialogue

Crazy Together

Over on my relatively new unbook site, I’ve posted an even newer essay about social media, “Crazy Together: Searching for dialogue in the age of social networking“: The thing about Twitter, and other online tools, is that it seems all really just like talking to yourself out loud in a public place. If you happen… Continue reading Crazy Together

Permission Revoked

I hereby formally, officially and categorically deny, refuse and repudiate the recent changes to the Facebook Terms of Use as they apply to the unilateral, unacceptable and unconscionable claim that Facebook owns my original content in perpetuity. I have therefore removed all imported content from my personal site and I assert my personal prior and… Continue reading Permission Revoked

The passing of a great human being

I am writing this to tell you about the passing of a great human being. I learned on Thursday that Patrick J Hill has passed. I want to share with you that someone you probably did not know has recently been lost to this world. I am telling you this because he deserves to be… Continue reading The passing of a great human being

The hands come together

In the Independent Online Edition, there’s an article about an amazing development in Northern Ireland: “The big news they contained was that Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionist Party will be going into government together, launching a new era and underpinning the peace process with a political foundation. But even more striking was the absence… Continue reading The hands come together