Zines and Comics and Anthologies, oh my!

I thought I’d post a round up on my personal blog of a few things I’ve been doing, so you can check them out if you’re not following along with my other projects elsewhere. Of course, all but the first are things you could purchase as gifts for yourself or others, and you’d be helping to support the creation of more things like these. Just sayin’.

Back in May, I posted the first Reader’s Theatre for Hermetic Library.

In June, I released the first ever Hermetic Library Zine. Each zine is a wild and wooly whatever of occultura and esoterrata compiled together, generally related to Hermetic Library’s overall mission of archiving, engaging and encouraging the living Western Esoteric Tradition, Hermeticism, and Aleister Crowley’s Thelema.

Back in October, I released BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL, from the Odd Order Anthology Project. This was the first ever release from the project, has 14 tracks by 13 artists, all new voices for this inaugural issue.

In November, over at the library I released two things: a collected volume of comics from Inktober and the second issue of the zine.

Finally, on the 20th anniversary of the birth of Hermetic Library, on December 3rd, I released an absolute monster issue of Magick, Music and Ritual 12, with 45 tracks by 41 artists.

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The Gospel of Tree Bark

Please consider checking out, and supporting, Anna Fritz‘s kickstarter campaign to release a new album, The Gospel of Tree Bark. Anna Fritz’s Wake was totally and phenomenally awesome. Send her all your money.



“Most of the songs that will be on this record were written in an old growth forest in southern Oregon where I holed up for a couple weeks last year. But really, this album has been a very long time in the making. I haven’t released a solo album since my first (Wake) in 2005. My creative energy has fueled many other projects in the last seven years while these songs have been waiting for their moment. And now is the time!” [via]



“Say Hello to the Songs!

Well, assuming you watched the video, you’ve heard the title track already, but let me introduce you to everybody else:

  • Breath and Bone is a song that asks what we’ve lost as we’ve given our lives over to our techno-gadgets.
  • Mean Mind is about joining the ranks of creative women who have struggled through the ages to carve out a place for their work. It moves back and forth between blues and classical melodies.
  • TransMan is a funky, sexy, frustrated song about loving someone who’s transgender.
  • On Wisconsin was inspired by the massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin in early 2011 in response to the governor’s effort to crush public unions. It’s a bluegrass tune.
  • The Gift is the most recently written song on the record. It’s about having a body. Learning to love it, appreciate it, use it.
  • Water is Wide uses the melody and chorus from a 17th century English ballad. My version tells the story of a person finding their way to their true gender identity.
  • Jess’ Song This is a straight up love song, y’all.
  • Caleb Meyer is actually a cover of a Gillian Welch tune. This one has called to me for years. As a pacifist, it’s pretty intense to sing a song about murder in self-defense. And the cello really lends itself to such material.
  • Into the Fire is a prayer in the form of music with tons of vocal harmonies.” [via]


KickstarterVideo from Anna Fritz on Vimeo.

JIm Malcolm in Oregon on Feb 5th and 7th

One of my favourite artists is going to be in town next week. The shows are smaller, more intimate. In fact, the Portland show is going to be in a house. Apparently the show in Portland isn’t selling well, and they’re thinking of canceling it. (There’s some sporting event or another that Sunday they think people are distracted by, I guess.)

I’ve seen him perform several times, both as part of Old Blind Dogs and solo, in Olympia. He’s good and fun. I haven’t seen him since leaving Olympia, so seeing him in Portland will be a little bittersweet. Maybe I’ll take some chocolate to the show.

When I emailed to find out more, here’s the details I was sent about the shows in Oregon:

Jim Malcolm is a personable and very talented folk musician from Scotland who has fans in many countries. His recordings are heard often on Fiona Ritchie’s National Public Radio show, Thistle and Shamrock. You can sample his music on his informative web site www.jimmalcolm.com and on U-tube. These concerts are great fun and are held in cozy, intimate venues.

Tickets are $18. Reservations are required and payment is at the door. Cash and exact change are appreciated. Checks are accepted but plastic is not. If you reserve and then must cancel, please notify me as soon as possible because Jim’s concerts have all sold out and there might be a waiting list. Thanks.

Friday Feb. 5 in Forest Grove
Door at 7:00, music at 7:30
BJ’s Coffee Co. 2834 Pacific Ave. in Ballad Towne Shopping Center, west
side Food and drink service available before start and during the break.

Sunday Feb. 7 in S.E. Portland
Door at 6:30, music at 7:00
Private house concert (…) near SE Stark and 62nd.

Reservations and information: [email protected]

Matt Haimovitz at Doug Fir on Jan 21st at 9pm

Back in Nov ’07, I got to see Matt Haimovitz play with members of the Portland Cello Project in the music section of a book shop in downtown Portland. I wrote about that after seeing the show. The space was simply packed with people, wall to wall. It was definitely interesting.

Looks like Haimovitz is back in town, and a few other local cello players will be opening, at the Doug Fir on Jan 21st at 9pm. (There’s little bit of confusion because the Doug Fir ticket info says 9pm, but an email I got suggested that some of the cellists might start playing around 8:30pm, but I’m going to go with Doug Fir’s statement of time.)

Benefit show for Skip Von Kuske at Kennedy School on Jan 14th at 7pm

There’s a special benefit show, free but donations requested, for Skip Von Kuske on Thu, Jan 14th. There’s more info here.

Thursday, January 14
The Kennedy School
All ages and FREE admission. Donations gratefully accepted.

……..and special musical guests!

Ben Darwish’s afrobeat tribute to Michael Jackson at Goodfoot on Dec 26th at 9pm

Okay, this sounds wild. Local musician Ben Darwish [also] is playing with a 10-piece band at The Goodfoot on Sat, Dec 26th at 9pm. The music will be an tribute to Michael Jackson in the style of afrobeat!

Put on your dancing shoes for an Afrobeat concert inspired by Michael Jackson’s music. Innovative Portland-based composer Ben Darwish will lead a ten-piece band as they interpret Jackson’s songs using Afrobeat techniques popularized by Fela Kuti. The band features members of Commotion, with Tahirah Memory and Gretchen Mitchell on vocals, and master African drummer Neindow Mashud, who frequently performs with Obo Addy. Don’t stop till you get enough! $10.

Walking Home at Red & Black on Dec 18th at 6pm

Walking Home will be playing with other bands on Fri, Dec 18th at Red & Black Cafe as a benefit for Gender Free For All

Anna and Sami are home, after our six-week tour with the Portland Cello Project, and we’re excited to announce our first performance back in town. We’ll be playing at the Red and Black Cafe this Friday as part of the Gender Free For All fundraiser. The event begins at 6 pm, and we’ll be the last of four musical acts, so we’ll go on around 9. Also featured will be Nicole Sangsuree, Felecia and the Dinosaur, and Lindsey Walker.

Here’s a little more about the organization we’ll be supporting:

Gender Free For All (GFFA) is an organization that works to defend the right of every individual to identify however they desire, visibly and proudly, whether it’s male, female, other, somewhere in-between, none at all – whether a person varies in their gender identity from moment to moment or if they’ve known how they identified since birth. They hold a march and rally annually in August (formerly the Trans March) and worked with the City of Portland and Multnomah County to establish August 1st-7th, 2009 as the first Transgender Awareness Week! For more about GFFA: http://gffapdx.com/

And here are all the details for the show:

Friday December 18th, 2009 at 6:00 PM
$5 dollar donation
At The Red and Black Cafe
400 SE 12th Ave., Portland

Bogville III ~ Eye of Retribution at Lotus Seed on Nov 13th & 14th at 9pm

Bogville part III is coming up. All ages, as long as by all you mean not under 18, apparently.

FRIDAY the 13th of November
SATURDAY the 14th of November
$10 in advance $15 at the Door
Tickets available online at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/82888
Doors at 8pm performance at 9pm SHARP

Chapter III
Eye of Retribution
In which Evil is Subsumed by the Seeds it has Sown

A Musical Pageant and Eldritch Bazaar
Featuring the Traditional
Of the Talented Bogvillian Citizens

Meghann Rose
J. Lieber
Nequaquam Vacuum
Ogo Eion
L.V.X. Occulta
Cult of Zir
Uxepi Ipexu
Eyerish Heather Collins
Wounding Visions
The Juan Prophet Organization
Danse Perdue
CHrystal Zingsheim
St. Caedmon
Ms. Joints

4635 NE 9th Ave
NOTE: No one under 18 years old will be admitted.

Bogville III ~ Eye of Retribution

Viva Oz Vegas at Bagdad on Oct 24th at 6pm

It’s an Oz themed circus. ‘Nough said.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 24th 6pm-10pm

3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd

with special Portland guests

$25 at the door

Can Can Presents is excited to announce the return of its Vegas-style floor show, Viva Oz Vegas. For the first time in its three year history, Viva Oz Vegas is hitting the road — with performances in its native Seattle, as well as Portland, Olympia, Spokane and Port Townsend, this October.

This crowd-pleasing spectacle features performances by the self-proclaimed Mexican Elvis, El Vez; Las Vegas Exotic World winners The Heavenly Spies and Nanda; Bing Wheeler of Big Wheel Bingo; Can Can’s Herr Doppelganger; award-winning breakdancer Yoshi Wright and many more.

Follow along as the yellow brick road leads Dorothy into the temptations of Sin City, where her encounters find her replacing the long-time starring lady at Casino Oz — the Wicked Witch of the Breast. Marvel as other familiar characters get not-so-familiar makeovers. Thrill to an evening full of nostalgic music, Las Vegas-style showgirls, aerial and floor acrobatics, comedy, game show glitz, and a full deck of surprises you won’t soon forget. www.vivaozvegas.com

Viva Oz Vegas

Poi Dog Pondering at Doug Fir on Dec 5th at 9pm

Noticed that Poi Dog Pondering will be at Doug Fir Lounge on Sat, Dec 5th at 9pm:

Global folk pop from beloved Austinites
$15 advance, $17 day of show

Update 22oct09 @ 10:19am:

Got an email that Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was in an auto accident and won’t be playing.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in Poi Dog Pondering, there’s a bunch of info on their web site including interesting warnings on their press kit to journalists:

“If you think we have defined you, then stop here and make some shit up, It will be far more interesting for everyone.”

Leela and Ellie Grace at Artichoke on Oct 10th at 8pm

Leela and Ellie Grace will be doing a local show before heading off to the wilds of Canada. They’ll be at Artichoke Music on Oct 10th.

Leela and Ellie Grace in Concert at Artichoke Music in Portland, OR!
Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009
Time: 8:00 p.m. (doors at 7:30)
Location: Backgate Stage at Artichoke Music (3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR)
More info: 503-232-8845, [email protected], or www.leelaandelliegrace.com
Tickets: $10 at the door only. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m.

This will be Leela and Ellie’s first full evening concert in Portland since Leela moved here over 2 years ago. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Come help the sisters kick off their 2-week Canadian concert tour!

Mutantmusicka! at Circadia on Oct 2nd at 9pm

A big gathering for a tiny suggested price, on Fri Oct 2nd at 9pm over at the Circadia Arts Center:

[email protected][email protected]!
[ friday october 2nd – 9pm ]
@ circadia – 4705 ne columbia @
.$5 suggested 5$.

orryelle defenestrate bascule

selector catalogue
new red sun
paintings for animals

sleeping with the earth
cult of zir

split horizon

.$5 suggested 5$.
@ circadia – 4705 ne columbia @
[ friday october 2nd – 9pm ]
[email protected][email protected]!


Aranya at Circadia on Oct 29th at 10pm

So, I don’t know a lot about this group, except that I got the website from someone in the group; and from listening to the tracks on their website. It’s not exactly metal, but it’s kinda hard-folk … oh, except for the track that just started to play now, yep, that’s the cookie monster metal voice, yep; and they’re kinda workin’ on ritualizing their performances. The vocals on a few tracks remind me of Amy Denio, which is surprisingly cool; and I find myself thinking about the Lithuanian hard-folk group Kulgrinda. Anyhow check out Aranya [also] on Thursday, Oct 29th at the Circadia Arts Center with Black Budget and another group not yet announced. It’ll be at 10pm.

Conflux: NW Dark Arts Festival at Tabor Theater on Sep 25 & 26 at 8pm

So, there’s this thing going on. Abney Park, the steampunk group will be there, along with a bunch of other names, including Soriah, Bogville Creature Features, and more. It’s two days filled with live music, ritual theatre, gothic fusion bellydance, butoh, art show, fashion show, dance party goodness. Er, or, filled with dark darkness and so on.

Conflux 2009

Zony Mash Plus Horns at Mississippi on Sep 26th at 9pm

Zony Mash used to host their zonymash.com website with one of the ISPs I worked at. Yeah, trivia! But, more importantly, I’m clearly connected to greatness, don’t y’know?

Zony Mash will be playing with a horn section at Mississippi Studios on Sat, Sep 26th at 9pm.

You only really need to know two things about this show, and both are sufficient in and of themselves: Wayne Horvitz & Skerik. There’s other people involved too, and they’re all great, of course; I don’t mean to say otherwise.

But, Zony Mash is special. That’s what I’m saying. And, this show is even more special than that because of the addition of horns.

They’re also playing in Seattle on wednesday and in Olympia on friday. Everyone should go!

Here’s some pictures of Zony Mash Plus Horns playing in Amsterdam back in May: Wayne Horvitz Zony Mash & Horns – zondag 31 mei 2009, Bimhuis, Amsterdam. I like this one, especially.